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SeedMatrix in the News

An archive of the latest headlines concerning SeedMatrix

SeedMatrix™ Revolutionizes Variety/Hybrid Data Management

September 21, 2009

SeedMatrix™ is a web-based application that simplifies variety/hybrid data management for seed companies by enabling users to analyze a myriad of seed test plot data in a simple format. Offered by PLAN, Inc., SeedMatrix currently handles variety/hybrid data on cotton, corn, soybeans, rice, wheat and sorghum. Other crops can be added as needed.

SeedMatrix represents a revolution in advanced seed comparison technology, according to the company's CEO, Dale Logan. "There's absolutely nothing like it," he says. "Our web-based program provides seed companies the ability to access real time data updates on the internet to use internally. If seed companies are struggling with how to handle their internal test plot data, this service solves that problem, obsolescing whatever they're using today."

Other benefits include the automatic addition of public official variety trial (OVT) data. Each seed company no longer has to laboriously track down and standardize public data from multiple sources. "Seed companies just send us their internal plot data and we import it into their database - along with pertinent public data," Logan explains. "We standardize all the data. You now have the ability to view only your data, only public data, or a composite of the two. This service benefits the smaller regional-type seed companies as well as global corporations; our clients are representative of both of those categories." READ MORE